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Integrated Communication


Create omnipresence for your brand by being part of your consumer's journey.

This is what I need

A more complete model
for your brand

Advertising, Brand & Experience e Digital & Performance totalmente integrados

  • Understanding your objectives

  • Designing team structure

  • Creation of KPIs

  • Managing

Working in an integrated way is much more efficient and effective

While every day communication gains new models and purposes, the way of doing it remains fragmented, complex, and with great loss of synergy.

We understood this more than 10 years ago. Since then, we have improved formats, thoughts, tools and proposals in the management and execution of a more integrated and high performance strategic, digital and creative communication, joining positioning, branding, advertising with on and offline performance in a unique All-in 360 offer, to create a omnipresence of the brands we work with in their consumers' journeys.

Thus, we help our clients' marketing and communication teams to promote an increasingly efficient, fluid and effective connection, delivering a more cohesive and cumulative message in all pieces and contact channels with their audiences.

To do this, we seek to understand the current moment of these companies, their objectives, their markets, as well as the opportunities that exist and their communication requirements. From there, we create strategies and implement unique execution structures with exclusive multidisciplinary squads working side by side with the client to speed up the execution of its planning. A more agile, exclusive and efficient format that combines the best of on-site agency, in-house and traditional agencies, created by four hands.

Your dream team.

It's about having the dream team for your brand, a creative team with the right talents and skills to deliver the expected result, fully immersed in your brand and completely aligned with your culture, values, purposes and positioning, working just for you, inside Martin Luz or in your company and subsidiaries - everything according to your wish list, respecting personal and professional characteristics and performance. This approach shortens distances, increases involvement and productivity, and guarantees the rationalization of structures and processes, besides the improvement in communication management with more assertive results, in harmony with your business objectives.

The dream come true of CEOs, CMOs, CFOs
and all Marcomms.

By offering the client its own communication and marketing support structure, our model at the same time increases proximity among teams, eliminates noise and allows us to reach results in a more fluid, fast and accurate way. It is also ultra-flexible, because it counts on all Martin Luz professionals as support, in case the internal and exclusive team has other needs.

They are multidisciplinary teams with diverse skills and experience to work on communication and develop really effective campaigns in any media or platform in Brazil and Latin America. A perfect team to accelerate your responses and make your marketing more effective and with better results, within defined metrics.

Pensar Design + Ser Lean + Fazer Agile Pensar Design + Ser Lean + Fazer Agile

Your Own Agency
From design thinking to design doing.

  • Understanding of your goals.

  • Understanding needs and skills.

  • Design of team structure.

  • Recruiting.

  • Training.

  • Definition of KPI's.

  • Management.

  • Performance measurement via OKR and NPS.

This is how we do it at Martin Luz:

Greater proximity >
Better understanding >
More marketing insights >
Greater efficiency >
More space utilization >
More effective communication >
Better delivery of KPIs >
Continuous improvement > Higher ROI

Some methodologies and concepts that we use directly or indirectly in our everyday life.

  • Design Thinking

  • Business Model Canvas

  • BCG Matrix

  • SWOT

  • Design Sprint

  • Scrum

  • Packaging

  • Film Making

  • Motion Graphics

  • Digital

  • Products

  • Development

A shared belief system ensures that teams work in harmony.

Our beliefs have a purpose: the results we achieve with them.

Practices that have worked for so many clients in so many different segments can also work for you. The first step is always to evaluate to know what is already working and where we can contribute. We start by measuring the effectiveness with which your brand impacts the consumer, and thus we get clues to improve several aspects of your company.

By merging our insights with your business objectives, we find out how to improve indicators in order to achieve the best results aligned with your purpose.

We work collaboratively, sharing best practices, improving decisions, optimizing production, and opening perspectives for a more complete vision of your company within the market.

The alignment of purposes
is the engine that drives all
aspects of your business.

If we really want something, we work for it. It's as simple as that.

Paixão + Cultura + Skills + Processo Paixão + Cultura + Skills + Processo

We measure our success by its results.

We deliver results, not just reports.
We focus on total potential improvements,
not on collateral changes.
We propose practical recommendations and how to make them happen.
We work with a sense of urgency.
We celebrate the impact, not the conceptualization of the idea.
We believe that great ideas are never born in the comfort zone
Better than talking about commitment, is to put it into practice.

Better than talking about commitment, it is exercising it.

  • We are fully aligned with our customers.

  • We ask a lot; we hear a lot.

  • But we don't let the customer be our only source of information.

  • We believe in the power of Benchmarking.

  • If we don't have the right talent for the job, we will identify and hire him.

  • We prioritize clear communication.

Values first.

  • We align 100% with the client's culture and purpose.

  • Our value system emphasizes the right thing, not necessarily the easy thing.

  • We speak with honesty, think with sincerity, and act with integrity.

  • We offer an outside, unbiased view and perspective.

  • Our work style is direct, practical, collaborative, and down-to-earth.

  • We treat our clients as we would like to be treated.

More than just reports.

SLAs, KPIs, OKRs and NPSs established.

Having defined performance values is a fundamental part of a company's management strategy. By establishing the values that measure the main processes, we can quantify with transparency the quality of the work delivered, building sustainable relationships.

Respect for your culture

The best creative structure for the client is the one that knows your business well enough to give opinions, make suggestions, and make discoveries that open up new alternatives. We know that it takes time to build a brand and make it gain body. For this reason, we respect the culture and purpose of each client, always remembering that to create is not to mischaracterize. Guidelines are not something like handcuffs, but tools that guide and guarantee the brand's distinction in the midst of millions of other discourses.

Process and data-oriented work

As technologies and trends change, we build and improve our martech methodology and tools - constantly adjusting research and ideation procedures for implementation and ongoing evaluation. In this way, we stay ahead of the curve, up to date enough to anticipate and keep up with the speed of information, which today travels fleetingly in the digital environment.

In the same way, the world speeds up, novelties appear at every moment, and we live in an era of constant mutations, in which the new has to be fresh and the motto is to reinvent ourselves. We bring this philosophy to our clients' brands, suggesting changes, launches, and new strategies that accompany the consumer's and society's behavior.

Interdisciplinary profiles

The wrong professional in the right place has never worked. Or the other way around, even less so. Our team is customized with the right talents to create the precise alignment between our team and yours and, based on this harmony, gain time in the execution of demands.

  • Creative

  • Planners

  • Strategists

  • Copywriters

  • Marketing professionals

  • UUX, AI and BI professionals

  • Developers

  • Project managers

  • Account managers

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We are passionate about taking brands to the next level.

Come find ways to help your company's presence and performance grow with us.