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Onofre: Instead of selling medicine, why not sell health?

O desafio

We worked with Onofre in two moments. In the first, under the management of the founding family, and then after the complete transfer of the company's management to CVS, the largest healthcare group in the world.

If in the initial moment the focus was on helping to organize the company's 360º communication and trade marketing to take advantage of the various market opportunities and value the asset, in the next step, the mission was to help transform and differentiate the company in a new scenario where competition was consolidated, merging into mega players with a large territorial presence in the markets where Onofre stores were present.

O método

Based on the new positioning adopted in the United States by CVS and after analyzing several researches on the market and, mainly, on the consumer Onofre, we see, along with the company's marketing, a great path to be explored: the valorization of the pharmacist's profession as “ The Specialist ”in health and well-being (since all chain stores, including e-commerce, have a full-time pharmacist on staff).

In addition, due to the strength and delivery capacity of any product within four hours of its digital channels and tele sales, we suggest to anticipate the adoption of the Omnichannel concept in all channels, putting technology to the benefit of consumer convenience, both to expand the stock of product possibilities as well as their delivery to customers (at home or pickup store, at your nearest pharmacy). Thus, under the platform offered by its new slogan "Your health". And more”, we not only help the company to rebranding but also transform its positioning, purpose, and brand guide of all its communication, both external and internal. A work combining media, digital channels, and physical stores, showing Onofre as a leading brand in concern for its consumer.

O resultado

The rebranding finalized by Martin Luz and then used by the communication companies that followed, positioned Onofre as a pioneer in the sense of taking the health of its customers seriously, not being restricted to a mere point of sale of medicines. A job responsible for taking the company to another level, positioned as an innovator, and connected to the new times.

In the words of Mário Ramos, ex-president of Onofre, the new positioning allowed the company to deliver solutions for health and beauty in a pleasant environment, with products aligned with the requirements of the local public, globally recognized brands and differentiated service.

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