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BPP: Helping to create one of the largest independent FinTechs in the country.

O desafio

When few people who worked in consultancies used the term Fintech to designate companies born to innovate and optimize services in the financial system, we were fortunate to be called upon to help create one of the first in the country, Brasil Pré-Pagos. A startup that emerged from the restless mind of some former members of Confidence Câmbio and with the support of Visa, without angels, rounds of investments and external partners, but with a great desire to move fast.

Born to be innovative, anticipating the concept of Lean Startups with MVPS and trying to feel the receptivity of their solutions through the use of payment technologies linked to prepaid cards for the B2B market, the idea was to participate almost as an active part of the company , to position the brand, products and create brandings that could, with low investment, compete on equal terms with large banking institutions, in addition to creating and perfecting digital solutions that materialize products and services.

Subsequently, and with the initial success of the company, when the prepaid card was just one of several products and had already become one of the most innovative Visa strategic partners in payment methods technologies in the world and already in the process of internationalization, we helped make the rebranding, where your brand stopped being Brasil Pré-Pagos and became only BPP.

O método

To leverage the growth of BPP nationally and later internationally, Martin Luz set up an exclusive communication and technology service center, which developed solutions such as positioning, branding, application creation, digital marketing, growth hacking, consumer journey and multiplatform communication, generating more efficiency in the processes of brand consideration, sales conversion and customer retention. All executed with great proximity to the client, in a synergy that provided agility and speed in the delivery of the various demands. A job that from the beginning integrated marketing, development, and communication into the core of the company.

O resultado

In a short time, BPP became one of the largest players in the prepaid card market in Latin America, becoming the largest issuer of the product in its various verticals. And soon it consolidated itself as one of the main and most complete B2B fintechs in solutions for payment methods in the country. It is one of the few payment institutions approved by the Central Bank under number 301, with products helping thousands of companies to cut red tape and increase the security of their payments, and more than 2 million people to have a fairer and smarter relationship via digital accounts. without fees and with the greatest number of resources.

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