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Aliança: Helping to build a leader by positioning

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O desafio

A leader in the area of logistics, Aliança is part of the A. P. Moller-Maersk Group, the world's largest logistics operator. Through its logistics solutions and products throughout Brazil, Aliança is connected to the national culture, businesses, companies and the economy of different regions of the country via roads, railways, rivers, sea and warehouses.

When Aliança's Marketing team came to Martin Luz as leaders in cabotage, it brought the challenge of updating the communication, as the company logo was being changed. It was on this occasion that, perceiving the opportunity to provide a consulting role and seeking to expand all the potential that the brand already had, we identified that this moment would also be ideal to change the company's positioning, since its leadership was not only limited to this modal, as the entire organization was already adopting end to end multimodal transportation.

Thus, revisiting the positioning for the growth of the Brand and the Business was the kickoff of a long planning and metrics to be accomplished. Martin Luz developed a series of movements, actions and tactics to bring results and help the Marcomms team to shine even brighter, a collaborative work of sharing and delivering successful results!

O método

With integrated 360º communication strategies, Martin Luz develops tactical plans for business and brand performance, building narratives based on visual and verbal elements that express the company's performance throughout the country. All based on a deep knowledge of professionals selected to work in a segmented B2B market.

As a result, Martin Luz enriches Aliança's business planning with deliverables ranging from planning communication strategies, sales funnel, SEO strategies, launching new products and solutions, developing insights to assist internal decision making, as well as creating consistent communication at all points of contact, such as websites, social media, campaigns, events and activations, which achieves performance goals and periodically analyzes the results in depth, seasonal needs, and reviews KPI's.

A continuous work done in collaboration with Aliança's Marcomms that, while explaining its performance, increases its performance and positioning as a leader in logistics.


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