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Fadelito: Boosting the largest network of nursery and early childhood education

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The challenge

Based on socio-educational pedagogy, Fadelito is a growing nursery and early childhood education network. In its market, we saw the need to find the balance between the emotional and commercial tone that its campaigns needed.

With our challenge, we needed to connect it to direct customers to boost the franchise expansion, and to fathers and mothers in São Paulo who were looking for a safe environment, based on solid values, for their children's education.

The method

To connect rationally and emotionally with potential customers, we created directions that reinforced Fadelito's positioning and its role in early childhood, making children the protagonists of the campaign with a fluid, simple, and objective communication.

After conception, pieces and tactics were established to maintain brand consistency for multiple units in a post-pandemic scenario. The campaign not only generated a connection with the children's caretakers, increasing Fadelito's conversion, but also 9 units were opened in just 12 months.