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Cyclopay: Enabling the recurrent sales market throughout Brazil

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The challenge

Cyclopay is one of the companies of the Lyra Network group, which offers a platform that optimizes, simplifies and manages recurring payments, as well as providing technologies to digitize sales, sign-ups, monthly fees and subscriptions more securely and easily.

The challenge was to create a brand with a friendly, uncomplicated, and popular language for Brazilian entrepreneurs. Of course, Martin Luz accepted and embarked on this journey with the company. We used positioning and branding strategies and tools to include the solutions in people's business management journey. All this in a dynamic and consistent way, reinforcing its differentials.

The method

With a multidisciplinary team composed of creative, customer service, audiovisual, design, media and UX professionals, we connect all the necessary steps and define, with Cyclopay, integrated communication strategies that cover all the necessary fronts for a performance of quality and results, making it possible to achieve objectives and set new goals.

Through campaigns, videos, manifests, social media, SEO strategies, websites, events and activations, we support Cyclopay's Marketing team to communicate with the right audience in a light and easy way. Made for those who are passionate about entrepreneurship, but without giving up efficiency.

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