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Walmart: Fast-growing fuel

O desafio

In 2010, a group of young, entrepreneurial, and incredibly talented heads from the largest retailer in the world, had a problem. They needed to build a totally new business for the company. Something relevant, fast, and unique. This while the start-up climate was total, and neither physical space had. And the few people who participated in the project shared spaces that were not integrated within the Walmart website in Barueri.

The feasibility of the operation went through several items: infrastructure, purchasing, logistics, sales staff and, above all, having a communication creation team at a low cost. She, who would be the engine of the operation, with high productivity and efficiency to edit thousands of product images and create hundreds of e-mail marketing, banners, hot sites, and many pieces online and offline every month. All of them focused on results, with management, monitoring of metrics and substitutions of materials every second.

O método

This is where the Martin Luz style of understanding problems and offering solutions comes in: together with we developed one of the first on-site agency operations in the country. An exclusive creative Hub of talents ready to transform business needs and strategies into thousands of pieces for your online store. A structure developed with the right skills and team size, and the technical, technological, and contingency infrastructure necessary to develop all the work with excellence and high performance nonstop.

A communication operation that would be its competitive advantage in a market where there were already several well-structured competitors who were playing to win. A work performed in 4 hands with total synergy with the company's objectives.

Thus, at the beginning of e-commerce, we supported farmers with the creation of approaches and printed and digital pieces for interest groups. Right after that, we started to activate the market, staggering the team at each new moment. An exponential growth job, where every year the operation grew twice or triple the market, reaching several times to deliver more than 1,000 pieces per month among banners, hot sites, mkt, html emails, applications, programming, video editing , brochures, advertisements, posters and inserts.

In addition, periodically, analyzing the results in depth, the seasonal needs and reviewing the KPIs, we were able to optimize professional teams and skills throughout the period, keeping low turnover and equalized costs.

O resultado

During the time that we were the main supplier of creation and production of communication pieces for, the company that had started with 3 employees, already had almost 900.

In 2014, when we stopped serving them, the company had just built a distribution center and was preparing to build two more. The number of items it sold had gone from 60 thousand to more than 3 million and the operation was the audience leader of Brazilian e-commerce, three times elected the best e-commerce in the country, with records of sales and use of resources . As a result, it gained its own headquarters, separate from Walmart, and internalized the entire creative area, as at the time it was normal among market players.

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