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BePay Tech Simplifying corporate payments with an innovative brand

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O desafio

Born from the same team that revolutionized the Brazilian financial market with the first Pix operation, BePay Tech has come to simplify corporate card management, in solid partnership with Visa.

Through an intuitive platform, companies benefit from more autonomy in the creation and personalization of cards, balance management, transfers and a multitude of possibilities. BePay Tech is here to make corporate spending management less bureaucratic and to strengthen relationships between companies and their stakeholders.

Financial solutions don't have to be complicated. With technological advances, they should be simplified, fast and accessible to more people. Our challenge was not only to create a dynamic brand for BePay Tech that reflected the ease of financial operations and was flexible to adapt to customer customization, but also to establish a visual and verbal identity that created a certain similarity between BePay Tech and BePay Bank, the latter being a vertical of the company focused on facilitating international payments and transfers from person to person, connecting one country to many others.

O método

We started by bringing together Martin Luz's financial market branding experts to develop the entire brand creation process, including positioning and strategy.

With a multidisciplinary team, we created the institutional website, brandbook and brand manifesto video, as well as establishing a presence on social networks, applying the visual and verbal identity across the entire platform to optimize the user experience and maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints.

We developed customized presentations for each solution offered by BePay Tech, such as corporate expense management, incentives and promotions, as well as foreign exchange solutions, in order to support the sales team. We also created the card layout and offline media materials.

As a result, BePay Tech can expand its operations with a brand that maintains familiarity with BePay Bank, while preserving its authenticity, serving the public that is looking for payment solutions for more efficient management of corporate and promotional spending.

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