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Verace: The way one of the largest artisanal breweries in Minas Gerais expanded its operations

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O desafio

Verace is one of the largest artisanal breweries in Brazil, but its shareholders were always looking for new opportunities to expand the brand's presence. With the goal of exploring new markets, Verace needed help developing a positioning and a strategy that could be applied across all of its new areas of operation, including the mixed drinks market.

O método

To help Verace achieve its goals, Martin Luz repositioned the brand with an integrated 360º communication project, connecting the main points of contact with its consumers, such as social networks and the institutional sales website. The concept "Live Your Truth" permeated the visual identity and tone of voice of the brand, reinforcing the act of opening a Verace as a moment of indulgence and freedom to live your truth in every sense.

To expand Verace's portfolio, Martin Luz worked in collaboration with Marcomms to launch 5 new beer labels and Verace's first product in the distilled spirits universe - a gin harmonized with 14 spices, Jam, which became the flagship of the distilled line. Subsequently, Martin Luz's creative team worked together with Verace to create a compelling concept that would reinforce the brand's irreverence and further expand its possibilities in the mixed drinks segment. The concept "Expect the Unexpected'' inspired the creation of the name and packaging design for Gin Tonic, Orange Spritz and Tropical Jam, as well as other communication pieces in the launch campaign.

With the concept of the main brand allowing Verace and its daring spirit to enter new worlds and with the ideal product for the moment, the launch of the Jam line was successfully accomplished and consolidated Verace in the world of distilled spirits, expanding its portfolio in less than 6 months with four ready-to-drink drinks under the Jam brand name.

With this well-defined strategy and a differentiated product, Verace was able to expand its presence in new markets and consolidate its position as one of Brazil's leading artisanal breweries.

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