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Cases Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Empowering brand and franchises of one of the global fashion leaders.


O desafio

One of the main challenges faced by leading global brands is maintaining consistency and identity across all touchpoints and countries where they are present, especially when adapting to different cultures and contexts.

In Brazil, Martin Luz was chosen to reinforce the management of both Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans brands, preserving the essence of their message and identity, as well as helping the brand to offer the necessary support to its franchises.

To achieve this, we needed to adapt global campaigns, language, and translation to Brazil, develop informative materials for franchisees and help Tommy Hilfiger and its products to be increasingly remembered, preferred, and chosen in digital.

O método

By identifying opportunities to apply and reinforce 360º brandformance strategies - positioning, branding and performance -, we developed a new visual concept for Tommy Hilfiger adapted to Brazilian reality, in order to boost its communication without losing its essence.

As a result, we expanded the creation of complete materials with pieces ready to be used by franchisees and provided information that can enhance their digital strategies through research and content development on trends. In 2023, we planned and created a workshop with Martin Luz experts from various areas, such as communication, marketing and branding, to improve the creation of social media campaigns.

This way, we are contributing to reinforce Tommy Hilfiger brand, its franchises, and its presence in the fashion market, while offering strategic and creative support so that it stands out in the digital environment and is chosen and preferred by consumers.


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