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BluestOne: Creating a global sustainability Leader

The challenge

As the leading company in recovery and management of industrial by-products in Latin America, BluestOne utilizes technology and a sense of purpose to unite companies and people. To connect it to the world, we developed its positioning, branding, and communication.

When you’re the only one to do it, don’t ask the questions. Be the answers. Based on this, our goal was to position BluestOne as a segment leader and communicate its role in the industry and beyond, so that different kinds of people could all understand it.

The method

Your actions are connected to all forms of life on Earth: that pale blue dot floating on the cosmos, as Carl Sagan would describe it. To create a Visual Identity based on our planet — the end goal of BluestOne's transformation —, we reinforced the brand's scope of action, who is impact by it, where its projects are carried out, and what are the results of its processes. All this, from a science-based perspective.

In the verbal realm, we reinforce the importance of its actions and existence, striking the right balance between an authority and an educator. This way, we designed a clear, inviting, and objective communication style, with our proprietary tone and verbal landscape, to differentiate, highlight, and describe technical operations.

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