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O desafio

When Facebook (currently known as Meta) started its operations in the country, it called several agencies to discuss the situation. They explained that they had a huge challenge and a budget inversely proportional to it. That's how we were invited by Facebook to provide an efficient Marketing Services solution for the creation of their communication pieces to support their blitzscaling. Basically, they wanted to have a content service that could present, inspire and engage the brand with the creative and marketing community at the same time, while also delivering a great ROI.

This project involved the execution of positioning, design, narratives, decks, branding, creation of concepts for presentations, events and activations, translations, adaptations, and development of various customized contents so that all its Marcomms could constantly flow their ideas and strategies, and the company could quickly gain market share.

A relationship based on trust that has lasted more than a decade and has accompanied and been part of the company's evolution, which after a repositioning and strategy became Meta, because the world is constantly evolving, and now, more than ever, it’s time to face the challenges of the digital market.

O método

In a combined thought to achieve success, seeking the perfect understanding of the needs and results expected by the client, we suggested a work model based on the creation of a Creative Hub, in which Facebook could have an in-house agency style structure, but working off-site. An exclusive structure with the necessary skills and team size to develop all the work with excellence and high performance.

By periodically analyzing in-depth results, seasonal needs, and reviewing KPI's, we are able to optimize teams and professional skills throughout the process. Using an agile approach and based on the learning curve, we are able to increase productivity.

Using a concept based on converging objectives, since 2013 we have been part of one of Meta's global communication hubs, helping its Marketing and Communication department to make its brands relevant and interesting to the public, as well as consolidating its media platforms in Latin America.

At all times, we have multidisciplinary teams both internal at the client and external at Martin Luz, serving various points of contact and needs, from Miami to Brazil, through Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, and creating thousands of works of all kinds, from presentations, films, motion graphics, postings, events, and others.

Meanwhile, Martin Luz witnessed the market recognize this work and dedicate a Caboré to Facebook and another one to Instagram, consolidating its brands as two of the most powerful media platforms in the region.

In 2021, Martin Luz was certified in Meta's Supplier Diversity Program, an achievement that underscores the shared values between both Brands. And after years of experience with processes, language, and needs of Meta and its Brands, Martin Luz continues to boost its presence in Brazil and LATAM.


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