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Eletromidia: From ranking 8th to leadership in less than 4 years.

O desafio

After the acquisition of Eletromidia by the HIG fund, we were called by the company's CEO to organize marketing, reposition the brand and rebrand it.

According to him, despite having been in the market for a long time, even his father (at the time chairman of the WPP group in Brazil) did not remember well what the company did and its assets. In addition, many people mistook the company for a competitor with a similar name.

Daniel Simões was clear: he wanted to make Eletromidia known for its essence, being one of the most innovative OOH companies, concerned with offering a consistent proposal to the market since its first day.

He also added: my KPI is to be nominated this year (2016) for the Caboré award.

O método

What would initially be a consulting job ended up becoming a deep-dive, turnaround job which involved marketing, branding, positioning and outdoor advertising.

Starting with the creation of a creative, internal, and exclusive talent hub at Martin Luz, we began an immersion process to fully understand the OOH market and the current market context, as well as the entire Eletromidia business. Then we helped organize the company's offerings as a Platform and not as a sum of individual assets.

We understood the consumer's journey (work, study, shopping, and entertainment). We created the character of the Urban Influencer, representing the agent who makes everything happen in the cities, and we provided subsidies for a large market evangelizing effort through the CEO and the commercial vice-president, via roadshows, films and decks.

Finally, we improved the story-telling and the engagement of the marketing and advertising community with the brand, via advertisements and many videos/cases for the trade.

O resultado

In less than 3 years, the company saw its revenue increased eightfold. It became the fastest growing company in the sector, with market share jumping from 7.7% to 11.4%, as well as market leader in on-rails transportation media and going from 8th place to vice-leader in the OOH media sector in Brazil. Soon after, the company incorporated Elemídia and became the absolute market leader.

At first, Daniel Simões wanted his company’s reputation to become so positive as to compete for the Caboré award. But we helped Eletromidia to go even further: to actually win the award, and not only once, but twice, achieving recognition as the best media platform in Brazil, as well as being the first communication company in Brazil to perform an IPO.

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