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El Matador: Shaping a food brand for expansion

/ Communication

O desafio

After a trip to the United States, the founder of El Matador fell in love with Tex-Mex cuisine and decided to bring this unique experience to Belo Horizonte, opening his own restaurant and delivery in 2019. With the success of the first establishment, the company decided to expand the brand, leading to the necessity of a communication agency that could develop an entire high engagement communication strategy that would support its expansion with the possible franchising of the brand. To face this challenge, Martin Luz engaged with the same passion and dedication as the founders, creating a strong and cohesive brand that could support El Matador's national expansion.

O método

To develop a powerful brand, Martin Luz started the process with the creation of a storytelling based on the restaurant's name. This gave origin to the character Pablo, a Mexican fighter that came to life through illustration and creation by the Martin Luz team.

The communication strategy included the unification of Branding, Positioning, Performance, creation of the website for delivery, schedule and social media, loyalty programs, promotional actions and activations, videos, menus, uniforms, packaging, stickers, decoration of the stores, and much more! With a unique tone of voice and a striking visual identity, El Matador was ready to expand and open two more units, one in Florianópolis and another in Pampulha, Belo Horizonte.

The complete communication strategy, strategic planning, in addition to the excellent gastronomic experience offered by El Matador, allowed the company to create a unique bond and maximum loyalty with the public. This resulted in a positive growth in the company's revenues and boosted the expansion of the brand to other regions of Brazil. Martin Luz worked with El Matador's team to guarantee that the brand would transmit passion and dedication in each step of the process, becoming a reference in Tex-Mex cuisine in Brazil.

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