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Dock: Integrated strategies to turn a fintech into a unicorn

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O desafio

After the acquisition of BPP and Cacao, Dock has become the largest solution platform for the entire Payments and Banking ecosystem in Latin America, with about 180 billion dollars processed annually, 70 billion transactions also performed per year and active in 6 countries.

Based on the success of BPP's positioning, branding, growth and scale, and presenting a perfect understanding of the business combined with expertise in the LATAM market, Dock chose Martin Luz to elevate the company's communication in the areas of branding, events, people and social media. In May 2022, the company raised $110 million in an IPO, achieving unicorn status.

O método

Correct positioning and integrated communication generate consistency, which leads to greater understanding and more solid and unique results. With a multidisciplinary team, Dock has solidified its performance in all areas of contact with its stakeholders.

In terms of branding, Martin Luz was responsible for the naming, creative concept and visual identity of Dock's unique banking and payments platform, Dock One. In addition, the agency developed and implemented communication strategies in all countries where Dock operates, including the website, films, social media, activations, events, and campaigns.

In People strategy, Martin Luz developed more robust employer branding projects, which included awareness and recruiting campaigns, the design of Dock's headquarters in Barueri - SP, and the creation of the Visual Identity of Dock University, a pool of studies for the company's employees that today has about 60 courses in management and technology, making the brand's universe tangible to employees and customers.

Besides developing dozens of events throughout Latin America, such as the attendance to NRF, Febraban, CardMonitor, Innovation Pay, Fintech Americas, Inovatech and The Developer's Conference, Martin Luz maintained the visual and conceptual coherence of Dock, strengthening its positioning and image with the creation and monitoring of strategies, and the realization of activations in any language, format or media.

In the social media area, Martin Luz developed a content curator and visual editor planning that allowed the crossing of several media and interests. From videos based on Dock's podcasts to the creation of augmented reality filters, the agency implemented campaign strategies with performance analysis for constant improvement.

With these integrated and consistent strategies, Dock consolidated its position as a leader in the LATAM market and became a prominent unicorn fintech.

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