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Cyclopay: Connecting the French leader with Brazilian minds and hearts

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The challenge

Cyclopay is one of the companies of the Lyra Network group, a new solution in recurring payments, which came to provide technologies to digitize sales, subscriptions, monthly fees and enrollments with more security and ease.

Our challenge was to create a brand with a friendly and uncomplicated language for Brazilian entrepreneurs. We used positioning and branding strategies and tools to include the solutions in people's business management journey. All this in a dynamic and consistent way, reinforcing its differentials.

The method

Through studies on archetypes and the Brazilian profile, we created a cheerful and vibrant chromatic scale and a friendly message tone throughout the Brand communication, presenting Cyclopay's solutions in a didactic way and showing their value to business.

Translating Cyclopay's Brand required an understanding of the main elements that compose it to generate a rational and emotional connection with Brazil. Deepening the look on branding is to understand which elements root its positioning, reinforcing it as irrefutable, unique and directed to the right audience.