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Medtronic: Powering the healthcare leader in Brazil and Latin America

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O desafio

As a global leader in Medical Devices, Medtronic prolongs life, heals and relieves pain with advanced technologies. To expand its presence in Brazil, Martin Luz was the chosen agency to strengthen its innovative positioning as a company for over a decade.

When there is a consolidated brand, a unique global positioning, and the requirement to be connected locally with its audiences in several countries, it is necessary to have the right specialists who can create movement and reinforce it, making it increasingly solid, memorable, and unique to each segment, consistently. This has always been our challenge.

O método

With complete understanding, we helped the Marcomms and all areas of the company to achieve their sales and awareness goals. In a 360º integrated communication performance, Martin Luz conveyed Medtronic's concept of innovation and leadership in Healthcare for Brazil and LATAM with a dedicated creative team specialized in the healthcare sector and in Brand Management, applying tools and tactics of global Brand Branding.

Martin Luz was responsible for creating different visual identities and narratives for product launches, concepts, narratives and pieces for internal and external events. For more than 10 years, we have been involved in the construction and presence of the brand at Feira Hospitalar, the largest trade meeting in the segment, in addition to product campaigns, decks, tutorials, catalogs, activations in displays and totems with UX strategies, as well as various sales support materials, uniting creativity, message clarity and performance to transform words into results.

Specialized in integrated communication in different languages, it can go from the final consumer to employer branding in customized projects and activations, such as the celebration of Medtronic's 50th anniversary in Brazil with a campaign that corroborated the impact of its work in the country, using a Life Calculator: a resource that measures the amount of lives impacted by each employee based on their time working for the company.

With Medtronic's Marcomms, Martin Luz helped to build business and Brand consistency by connecting creativity to perfect understanding in an innovative, competitive industry with unique technologies.

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