Martin Luz

An agency?


We are the ones who understand, solve problems and change organizations.

The coming together of a business consultancy company, digital innovation, and brand performance agency.

Coming from a disruptive world, we act both strategically as well as operationally.

We base our work on perfect understanding, a great deal of curiosity, study, and hard work. In our process, we develop a close relationship with our clients which enables us to dive deeply into their brand identity, market and business potential, just as if we were investors.

As a result, through knowledge, creativity and aligned goals, we are able to find pathways and transformative solutions that prepare our clients to take full advantage of their potential, improve performance in both the digital and physical worlds, and therefore boost their business and reach actual quantifiable results.

In practice, it looks a little bit like this: our client tells us their goal and we give our best to help them achieve it in Brazil, Latin America and worldwide.

Our job

We put brands in position. We align their propositions and purposes with their objectives. In short, we make sure your brand is ready to go and well-prepared for the future.

  • In-depth understanding of your goals

  • Acknowledgement of needs and skills

  • Team structure design

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • Establishing KPIs

  • Management

  • Performance measurement
    via OKR and NPS


Brand &

Transform your brand's potential
  • Positioning

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand platform

  • Brand identity

  • Design

  • Art direction

  • Campaign creation

  • Packaging

  • Visual identity

  • Employer branding

  • Digital experience

  • Customer experience



Grow quickly
  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Inbound and Outbound

  • Social media strategy

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Social and management

  • CRM and E-mail Marketing

  • Analyze and planning

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

  • Digital Innovation

  • Data Journey

  • Data-driven Marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Due Diligence in Digital Business

  • Digital media plan

  • Programmatic media

  • Google Ads

  • Social Ads

  • Affiliates and marketplace

  • Social interactions

  • Development



  • Advertising

  • Branding

  • Design

  • Content

  • Packaging

  • Filming

  • Motion Graphics

  • Digital

  • Products

  • Development

How we do it

From learning to acting.

  • Understanding

  • Diagnosis

  • Strategy

  • Team and structure

  • Establishing KPI's, OKR's and NPS's

This way, with a moderate investment, your brand will be more present in the lives of people, influencers and decision-makers.

It’s not about ideas—it’s about how to make it happen.

What we believe:

  • • The client’s mission statement and values must be taken seriously;

  • • Perfect understanding, common sense and collaborative work are the secret to any good strategy;

  • • Team formed carefully to be the best fit for the project;

  • • It’s easier to build branding from well-structured proposals, purposes, promises and positions;

  • • With the right tools, creativity and intelligence, it’s possible to make real that which may look too complex;

  • • Numbers never lie: on the right hands, data are the most powerful weapon for creativity;

  • • When it comes to honesty and ethics, there is no middle ground;

  • • Being simple doesn’t mean being simplistic.

Paixão + Cultura + Habilidade + Processo Paixão + Cultura + Habilidade + Processo

We are what we deliver

Real expertise in creating, building and establishing leading brands in technology, consumer goods and B2B.

Learn about some of the brands in which we actively participate.
If you prefer, get to know our main success cases.

BPP - Brasil Pré Pagos

Working alongside this fintech startup ever since its inception, we help in creating concepts, placements and products that made this brand the largest issuer of prepaid debit cards in Brazilian Real and one of the leading payment service companies in Brazil.

During our involvement with Walmart, since its startup stage in Brazil up until becoming an audience leader on the internet, we implemented a high-performance creative structure that contributed for the growth of the operation, becoming one of the leading e-commerce enterprises in Brazil.


During our relationship, with clear positioning and establishing the brand in the market, we helped increase their position in the ranking and contributed towards the brand’s perception in the market, making it the largest operation in Brazil regarding educational tourism, being awarded multiple times the Viagem e Turismo award as the number one in the sector.

Confidence Câmbio

We have worked with this company in two separate time periods. Initially, we helped it become the largest international prepaid debit card issuer in the world and the largest exchange company in Brazil. Later, the company was acquired by Travelex. Currently, our work consists in helping the company consolidate its position in the market and continue to be perceived as a segment leader.


During our involvement, we helped the company go from rank 8th to 2nd in market leadership, as well as the intelectual leader in the sector, undisputed leader in rail transport media, and two-time winner of the Caboré award as the best media platform in Brazil (2016 and 2018).


Our work centers on the Facebook for Business Latin American division, creating communication structures and market activations. We are responsible for supporting communication material for the Marcomm teams across 5 countries, and we contribute towards consolidating one of the most imporant media platforms in the world.


We have been a close part of the company’s transformations in several moments, helping to establish it as one largest providers of healthcare equipment worldwide.

Who is Martin Luz, after all?

That’s right—he actually exists (that’s his actual name) and he’s somewhat of a character. Initially, it may take some time to understand him, but that’s because his thoughts jump up so quickly that words can’t quite come out at the same time. On the other hand, the market follows him — or even succeeds him.

His ability is in his thinking and it’s not unusual for his ideas to become the new rule. A coincidence, perhaps? Not quite: merely an acute sensibility for asking the right questions, and experience in observing growing trends.

That is how Martin has been an active part in changing communication and business for the last 20 years. Counting among his contributions are the concepts of fast growth and on-site agency (helping launch e-commerce, digital media and fintech operations), as well as declaring purpose and manifestos as resources for company change and branding.

Working with him means being in the company of someone who loves blank slates and who never misses the opportunity to question, research, explain, learn, and invent, making complex things simple and solving problems, with a strong will to keep creating the best version of himself and others.