A Powerful and Intuitive Excel Solution for Stock Investment Research

Utilize this powerful tool to easily access thousands of data points from Economatica's comprehensive financial database. For example: portfolio beta, returns, benchmarks, fundamentals, dividends, valuation metrics and much more.

Integrate Economatica's Data into Excel

With a few simple clicks, integrate data or calculated analytics into your Excel models without the need of programming skills.

All market data updated automatically, constantly throughout the day.

  • Easy Functions

    Simple to use menu-driven functions to customize and populate your Market Research Excel Models.

  • Ready-to-use

    Access powerful spreadsheets with historic and current data designed to compare, analyze, and value stocks using a wide range of indicators.

  • Use Excel Commands

    Utilize your Excel knowledge to customize according to your needs. Retrieve the robust data you need, create charts and reports by leveraging the Excel native tools.

  • Large Database

    10 to 25 Years of Historical Data including Pricing, Financial Statements, Corporate Actions, and Ratios.

How to use

You are just a few steps away to access Economatica data from your Excel

Step 01

Step 02

Step 03

Download the Economatica Excel Add-in and run the install program

Click Sign up from top menu to request your login password. Check your inbox in a few minutes for an email confirmation

Click Economatica new menu option in your Excel, and enter your login information.

Install the Economatica Excel Add-in here