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Soub!: Creating light, popular and high-performance communication

O desafio

Soub! is the evolution of Sou Barato, a company belonging to the Americanas group, specializing in international and repackaged products, and that ceased to exist with the rebranding in September 2022. With a large digital presence, it was necessary to maintain an optimized flow of responses to DMs and requests on social media, and to create an emotional connection with followers to increase engagement.

Keeping the brand's positioning in the minds and hearts of followers and customers required movement and consistency. So our challenge was to dive deep into Soub!'s business, communication, and brand to connect it with potential consumers.

O método

Soub!'s planning involved making partnerships with influencers, creating campaigns and landing pages as well as other deliverables, and a customer service that spoke the language of the customers. During the analysis process, we noticed that more humanized and interactive content could deliver positive results.

In order to optimize the response time, ensuring that users wouldn't wait too long to be replied to and that Soub! could focus its actions on other strategies, we created a comment and response flow with a customized and easy-to-use template.

After looking deeper into the details of the brand and establishing processes that would save costs and time, we doubled the figures around engagement, tripled the number of responses on Twitter, engaged over 899% of non-followers on Instagram, and generated over 41k impressions in just one Reel. All in one month.

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