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LayBack: Putting purpose in people’s glass

O desafio

In 2019, we were called by André, Pedro Barros and their partners to organize a self-sustainable platform called LayBack, an idea that was born on a day of good waves in Indonesia, with the aim of promoting the skate scene in Brazil and in the world.

On the one hand is LayBack Beer, an independent “beer” beer, made with passion, real ingredients and with a unique flavor, which respects the taste of those who do not accept exchanging corn for barley. On the other, LayBack Park, the brand's experience space, with skateboards with free access to bars and restaurants. The idea was to increase the desire for the brand, make it more professional to connect with the wider public and export it to the main cities in the country from Florianópolis.

O método

First, we align LayBack's positioning and purpose. We created a creative hub, much of it composed of skateboarders and lifestyle supporters, fully committed to the brand's values.

We brought a more modern language to the brand, with a lot of brand content, design, ambience, and merchandising. Then, a lot of network marketing using micro-influencers and ads aimed at the primary audience. A triple strategy to bring life and make the impact that the brand offers to the world real.

Passionate work carried out with 4 hands and total synergy with the goals that made beer stop being a product to become an idea and, soon, a reference.

Our idea is that whoever thinks about skateboard, think about LayBack and vice versa. We want the brand to be as strong in the imagination of skateboarders and supporters as traditional brands in the skate market.

Making LayBack happen is more than thinking about beer. It is to foster a culture that grows every day around the world and that has already arrived at the Olympics. It is to make skateboarding happen in the most real way possible.

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