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Medtronic: Strengthening the healthcare leader in Brazil and Latin America

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The challenge

As a global leader in Medical Devices, Medtronic prolongs life, heals and relieves pain with advanced technologies. To expand its presence in Brazil, Martin Luz is the chosen agency to strengthen the company's innovative positioning for over a decade.

When there is a consolidated brand, a unique global positioning, and a brand that must connect locally with its audiences in several countries, you need the right specialists that are able to create movement and reinforce it, making it more and more solid, memorable, and unique to each segment, consistently. This has always been our challenge.

The method

Besides reproducing the branding in all Medtronic's communication, Martin Luz creates different visual identities and narratives for product launches, internal and external events; product campaigns, decks, tutorials, catalogs and various sales support materials, uniting creativity, message clarity and performance to turn messages into results.

Among several cases and works, in 2021 Medtronic celebrated 50 years in Brazil with a campaign that corroborated the impact of its work in the country. To reinforce it, we created a Life Calculator: a resource that measured the number of lives impacted by each employee based on their time working for the company.

In a 360º performance, Martin Luz continues to take the concept of innovation and leadership in Medtronic's Healthcare to Brazil and LATAM.