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Grupo CI: Positioning a leader in education and entertainment


O desafio

CI Intercâmbio is a company that helps young people and adults explore the world and develop themselves both personally and professionally through exchanges, professional courses and international experiences to learn and improve languages.

With more than 100 units in Brazil and abroad, the company relied on Martin Luz to position itself and become the leader it is today. During this process, CI also created Amaze, the fastest growing company in the Brazilian market of school and university graduation trips and parties, as well as Trilha, which provides cultural and educational trips for school-age children and teenagers; all of them were also positioned by Martin Luz.

As the group grew, it became necessary to create an omnibus brand to support and take advantage of the synergies of the three companies.

Martin Luz was called again to assist CI in the project of branding and positioning of the company, encompassing all the expertise of its brands - tourism, education and entertainment - in a single concept.

O método

With a team dedicated to immerse and to deeply understand each company, we started a process with the customer. By analyzing the Brazilian and global markets, as well as diagnosing the brand's internal and external audiences, we identify trends and opportunities, aligning purpose, strategy, and brand personality.

Thus, we delivered the positioning of Leader in Edutainment - Uniting education and entertainment, which encompasses the group's several areas of activity: educational tourism, graduation parties, graduation trips, exchanges, educational trips, and high school. With a lifelong learning concept, accompanying children, teenagers and adults on journeys throughout the various stages of their lives, the CI Group seeks to continuously bring unforgettable memories and experiences, strengthening itself as one of the five largest exchange groups in the world.

As part of this challenge, Martin Luz worked actively on communication strategies, from naming, positioning, visual and verbal identity, to deliverables such as brand manual, applications, manifesto video and stationery materials, mood boards for interior design, internal communication and events. Thus, with the new umbrella brand, the CI Group continues to evolve in the pursuit of the best experience for its clients.

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