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Economatica: Transforming a leader through strategy, creativity and performance with a focus on the business user


O desafio

Acquired in 2021 by TC, Economatica has been part of Martin Luz's existence since 2018, when we were called by the partners and the marketing manager to carry out a daring: to help transform the image of one of the first, most solid, innovative and reliable data-driven companies in the universe of economics and business in the digital world.

Strongly recognized in the market for their data quality, they anticipated their category and saw an important behavior change in their public, and, being innovators, they sought to take advantage of the opportunity to solidify the company and leverage their sales.

O método

First, through a thorough understanding, we align Economatica's positioning and purpose to the customer journey, showing how the platform can be useful, necessary, and even indispensable for analysts as well as for all professionals working in business, economics, and finance.

Through the redesign of their digital environments, SEO strategies, sales funnel, content alignment and creation of videos and narratives, we brought to the brand a greater assertiveness in campaigns and a more direct, modern and business-oriented language. In addition, working with the company's Customer Success professionals, we helped target its branded content to the right audiences, with a strategy to make more tangible the great impact that the company offers to the market.

A work that became even more exciting when the company was acquired by TC, and that wouldn't be possible if it wasn't done four-handed with total synergy between Economatica's team and Martin Luz, with KPIs constantly analyzed and beaten that made the brand reach more qualified audiences, turning it even more into a reference.

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