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BigDataCorp: Empowering innovation through solid positioning

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O desafio

BigDataCorp is the first datatech in Brazil. The pioneer in applying cutting-edge technology to capture, structure and distribute public data on an industrial scale. However, the company was looking for an agency that would work as an extension of its marketing and deeply understand the business. More than a traditional agency, they were looking for a team that would become a true partner in the brand's challenges, that would dive in together and be agile, as the market demands, but without giving up quality in their work. More than fancy speeches, BigDataCorp was looking for results. In their words, they considered it impossible to find a place like this, until they received the contact from Martin Luz.

Right away, we were happy with the contact and accepted the challenge! We teamed up with BigDataCorp to weave the brand strategies four-handed, besides repositioning the company in the market, and, ready to grow together and achieve results, we assembled an exclusive and dedicated team.

O método

To solve BigDataCorp's demands, attributions that cross the competencies of a conventional agency were necessary. At Martin Luz, the company managed to link all its demands into an integrated 360º communication, involving planning, media, campaign creation, business strategies, endomarketing, content curation, blog content, SEO, website construction, gifts, films and branding, from this multidisciplinary structure in which the diagnosis about the company's rebranding was raised.

A well-structured Branding project is fundamental for the construction of a strong and positive brand image, creating an important competitive differential in the market. In the case of BigDataCorp, which has the nickname "Oxygen of Banks and Fintechs", the delimitation of the territory as a company that is easy to understand about where and in what it operates was the main goal.

Martin Luz took over the process of repositioning the brand, from the creation of the archetype and the vision of different user journeys to the design of the logo. Such movement required a total immersion of the team in meetings, interviews and market data studies in order to solve the client's main issue. After all, how can you communicate something without having a perfect understanding of it?

BigDataCorp received a new identity, moving away from the image of "one more technology company" and assuming the protagonism of the market. It conveyed authority, a validator for those who have conquered results by its side, in a confident and respectful manner.

The brand values are also constantly reinforced with the Biggers, generating even more connection and pride of belonging.

For the general public, the networks and the new website presented the brand's new identity as an innovative, organized, and transforming company, with focus and an uncomplicated tone of voice, elements that today even permeate the networks of the brand's CEO.

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