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BePay Bank Crossing borders with instant international transfers

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O desafio

Simplifying the entire process of sending money from country to country, BePay Bank is a business vertical of BePay Tech, the first solution to offer instant international payments and transfers via Visa Direct.

BePay Bank has redesigned foreign exchange solutions and set new standards in the financial sector by simplifying payments and transfers via the internet, without having to open an account, in a fast, direct and more economical way. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Much of its innovative DNA came from BePay Tech, the parent brand specializing in corporate card management, also created by the same team that revolutionized the Brazilian financial market with the first Pix operation.

O método

Our mission at BePay Bank was to create a brand that reflected the ease of international instant transfers and made genuine connections with people's needs. We developed a clear positioning and communication that resonates with those who need to send money to their loved ones more easily.

As BePay Bank continues to help people cross borders with instant international transfers, we, at Martin Luz, are continuing to expand strategies with ideas from a multidisciplinary team to help BePay Bank reach more people.

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